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Corpus Callosum Music’s debut artist is Ray Incident.

If you hunger for something genuinely different, authentic and with compositional integrity, then Mr. Incident may stand a chance with you. Ray believes that “all art has in common certain compositional forms that resonate not only in our genomes but in the mathematics of the universe.” If this resonates with you, perhaps you already are an incidentalist?


Listen to Incidence now on Spotify

Anonymous artist Ray Incident invites listeners on a journey into the unknown with third album, Incidence, set for release on December 8th via Corpus Callosum Music. Embracing the limitless universe of sound, Ray’s latest album delves into inner space with a surrealist sensibility. It follows The Voyager Symphony and debut album Incidentaloma, praised by NME as "evocative and boundary-pushing."

Rooted in the Surrealists' revolutionary spirit and cultural vibrancy, this album pays homage to that transformative era. Influenced by Paul Eluard's poetic expressions and the Surrealists' commitment to unlocking the subconscious, Ray Incident channels the essence of avant-garde movements into compositions. The album is a musical manifesto, calling for a rebellion against rationalism; thus, embracing the irrational and resonating.


These themes shape Incidence’s exploration of unconventional harmonies and dreamlike sequences. With its intellectual salons and artistic fervour, Surrealism becomes the muse, inspiring a sonic journey that mirrors the spirit of the artistic movement and captures the enigmatic pulse of that cultural epoch.

A visual symphony inspired: Ray Incident’s latest release also challenges the view of what a musical album is and can be by presenting a visual accompaniment. Ray has partnered with eight talented artists to translate each of the album's tracks into visual works, adding an extra layer of depth to the album's immersive narrative. The collaborations span an array of mediums, ensuring a diverse interpretation of Ray Incident's music. The creators include Mikkel Mainz (Skjald Creative), Trina Merry, Robert Morgan, MRE (MYSTERY), Ellie Pritts, Jacob Varley, and Lulu Wang, as well as a competition winner from the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art. From stop-motion to dance, the project will yield a unique and multisensory experience for the audience.

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